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APT (American Pneumatic Tool Parts)

- Rockdrills, Chippers, Paving Breakers and Rivet Busters.

109 Rock Drill Parts

115 Rock Drill Parts

117 Paving Breaker-New Ball Valve Parts
117 Paving Breaker Parts-Old Style Valve
118 Digger Parts
119 Trencher Parts

125 Digger Parts

131 Air Tamper Parts
133 & 1133 Rivet Buster Parts 8" & 11" Stroke

137 Rock Drill Parts (40lb)

138 Rock Drill Parts (45lb) (Disc)

140 Paving Breaker Parts (35lb)

155 Rock Drill Parts (55lb)

160 Paving Breaker Parts-New Ball Valve (60lb)
160 Paving Breaker Parts -Old Style Valve (60lb)
180 Paving Breaker Parts (90lb)

190 Paving Breaker Parts-New Ball Valve (90lb)

190 Paving Breaker Parts-Old Style Valve (90lb) 

262 Chipper Parts (2 Bolt)

450 Chipper Parts (4 Bolt) (Disc)

550 Chipper Parts

650 Chipper Parts


APT Safety Information

Airmax Construction Tool Parts

- Rockdrills, Chippers, Paving Breakers and Rivet Busters.

UD-9 Rock Drill (9 lbs)

P-15 Rock Drill (15 lb)

CH3RRD(LHM) Chipper (15 lb)

EM-17DB Paving Breaker (35 lb)

EM-23DB Paving Breaker (60 lb)

EM-DPB60 Paving Breaker (60 lb)

EM-91DB Paving Breaker (90 lb)

EDRC-81 & EDRC-11 Rivet Busters 

ERD60 Rock Drill (55lbs)


ALLIED Parts (Hole Hog)

Model 2000A, B, C - 4" Piercing Tool

Atlas Copco Pneumatic Tool Parts

- Rockdrills, Chippers and Paving Breakers

BBD-12D Rock Drill

BBD-15 Rock Drill

DKR-36 Hand Drill

RH-571 Rock Drill

RH-658L Rock Drill

TEX-14, 15PE Paving Breaker

TEX-18, TEX-18PS, 19PE, 22P, 22PS, 23PE

TEX-27P, 27PS, 28PE Paving Breaker

TEX-32P, 32PS, 33PE Paving Breaker

TEX-39P, 39PS, 40PE Paving Breaker

TEX-830, 1133 Rivet Buster

TEX-P90 & TEX-P60 Paving Breaker


Atlas Copco Safety Information


1BA, 1BAF, 2BA, 2BAF Rammer

CH 1,2,3,4 Chippers

GV-601 Vertical Grinder

PB60 60lb Breaker

PB90 90lb Breaker

RB08 & RB11 Rivet Busters

Chicago Pneumatic Parts

(Construction & Heavy Industrial Tools) 

Rockdrills, Paving Breakers, Chipping Hammers, Scalers, Impact Wrenches and Saws.

- no automotive tools

CP-0003 Air Tamper Parts

CP-0004RV Tampe Parts

CP-0006 Concrete Scabbler Parts

CP-0009 Rock Drill Parts

CP-0044 Air Saw Parts (14")

CP-0066 Concrete Scabbler Parts
CP-0014RR Rock Drill Parts

CP-0022 Rock Drill Parts
CP-0032A Rock Drill Parts
CP-0069 Sinker Drill Parts

CP-0111 Demolition Tool & Clay Digger Parts

CP-0117 Paving Breaker Parts (before 2005)(Disc)

CP-0117 Paving Breaker Parts (after 2005)

CP-0123 Paving Breaker Parts (Disc)

CP-0222 Digger Parts
CP-323 Corner Drill Parts (Disc)

CP-0456 Needle Scaler Parts

CP-0606 Impact Wrench Parts (3/4")

CP-0610 Impact Wrench Parts 1" & #5 Spline

CP-0611- 1" & Spline Impact Wrench Parts

CP-0614- 1-1/2" & Spline Impact Parts

CP-797- 1" Impact Wrench Parts

CP-1210 Paving Breaker Parts (Before 2007)

CP-1210S Paving Breaker Parts ( 2007-Present)

CP-1211 Paving Breaker Parts (Disc)

CP-1230 Paving Breaker Parts
CP-1240 Paving Breaker Parts
CP-3040 Angle Grinder Parts

CP-4120 Chipping Hammer Parts (Disc)

CP-4123 Models B & V Chipper Parts (Disc)

CP-4123 2R,3R,4R Chipping Hammer Parts

CP-4125 Chipping Hammer Parts

CP-4127 Chipping Hammer Parts (Disc)

CP-4129 Chipping Hammer Parts

CP-4130 Chipping Hammer Parts

CP-4132 Chipping Hammer Parts

CP-4180 Rivet Buster Parts (Disc)

CP-4181 Puser, Puler Rivet Buster Parts-(Disc)

CP-4181V Rivet Buster Parts (removable piston   stop)-(Disc2005)

CP-4181V Rivet Buster Parts-Retained Piston  (non-removable piston stop) (Disc 2008)

CP-4611P, 4611D, 4608P & 4608D Rivet Buster Parts

CP-4689 Riveter Parts (standard size)

CP-6060 3/4" & 1" Impact Wrench Parts
CP-6120 -1-1/2" & Spline Impact Wrench Parts

CP-9113 Die Grinder Parts (Disc)

CP-9361 Air Scribe Parts

CP-9362, 3, 4 Chipper Parts (Disc)

CS Unitec Pneumatic Tool Parts

- Corner Drills and Saws.

          2 1602 0030 Corner Drill

          2 1701 0030 Corner Drill

          2 1801 0030 Corner Drill

          2 2104 0030 Corner Drill

          5 1005 0010 Chain Saw


Cleco Scalers and Impact Wrench Parts

B1 Scaler & Needle Scaler

2109 Impact #5 Spline & 1"

2110 Impact #5 Spline & 1"

2120 Impact #5 Spline & 1-1/2"


Continental Breakers, Chippers and Rockdrill Parts

       CBT-6 Tamper

       CCD-30 Clay Digger

       CLD-24 Rock Drill

       CRD-07 Rock Drill

       CRD-15 Rock Drill

       CRD-28 Rock Drill

       CRD-30 Rock Drill

       CRD-55 Rock Drill

       CRD-60 Rock Drill

       CRD-75 Rock Drill

       CLD-206 Rock Drill

       CPB-30 Breaker

       CPB-40 Breaker

        CPB-60 Breaker

        CPB-90 Breaker

       CRB-06 Rivet Buster

        CRB-08 Rivet Buster

        CRB-11 Rivet Buster


Ditch Witch Parts

-Underground Piercing Tools

4" Piercing Tool-standard reverse

3" Piercing Tool-standard reverse

EH Wachs Parts

Model C Guillotine Saw

Gardner-Denver Parts

-Paving Breakers and Rockdrills

B37 35lb Breaker (Disc)

B67 & B67B Breaker (Disc)

B67C 60lb Breaker

B87B 90lb Breaker (Disc)

B87C 90lb Breaker

S-55 Rock Drill

S-58 Rock Drill


Harper Air Tool Parts

- Chippers, Rockdrills & Paving Breakers

4000 Digger - 20lb

4001 Digger - 20lb

4002, 4005 Trench Digger - 30lb

40014, 40015 Breaker - 30lb

4020 Breaker - 40lb

4025, 4050 Breaker, 4024 Spiker - 60lb

4075, 4100 Breaker, 4074 Spiker - 90lb

Henry Air Tool Parts

40GHLS Extended Die Grinder (1 hp)

56VL Vertical Grinder (3hp)

65VBW Air Saw (12" & 14")

65VL Vertical Grinder (4hp)



Ingersoll Rand Parts

(Construction & Heavy Industrial Tools) 

- Rockdrills, Chippers, Paving Breakers, Tampers, Impact Wrenches, Drills and Rivet Busters.

- Industrial  and Construction tools only - no automotive tools

20L & 20SL Angle Drill

22, 22KW Wood Borer

3SJ & 3SK Non-Rev Air Drill

33 Heavy Construction Air Drill

182 Scaler & Needle Scaler

241 Tamper

261 Impact Wrench (3/4")

341 Tamper

441 Tamper (Disc)

1712B1 & 1712P1 Impact Wrench

1720B & 1720P Impact Wrench

2920 1" Impact Wrench Parts

2925 1"& 3/4" Impact Wrench Parts
2934 1" Impact Wrench Parts
2940 1" Impact Wrench Parts
2950 Spline Impact Wrench Parts

3940-3942 Impact Wrench Parts

588 2-1/2" Square Drive Impact Wrench

59 and 159 Digger  (Disc)

8001 Rivet Buster

9001& 1101 Rivet Buster    

95 and 93 Digger  

MT-4 Tie Tamper (Disc)

MX60 Paving Breaker Parts List

MX90 Paving Breaker Parts List

MX60 and MX90 Spike Driver

     *Safety Manual MX60/90 Breakers

PBR30, PBR40, PB60, PB85 (Disc)

PB60A  60lb (Disc)

PB35A Breaker 35lb

J-40 Rock Drill (Disc)

JH-40 Rock Drill

J-50 Rock Drill (Disc)

PB6A 60lb Breaker (Disc)

PB8A 90lb Breaker (Disc)

Size 1,2,3,4 W2, W3, W4 Chipper

Size 2D, 3D, 4D Chipper

Size 2DA, 3DA, 4DA  Chipper (Disc)


Tune Up Kits for 1" Impacts


Jet Construction Tool Parts

- Rockdrills, Chippers, and Paving Breakers

FBCH 4-Bolt Chipping Hammers

JCO Chipping Hammers

JPB30 Breaker - 30lb

JPB60 Breaker - 60lb

JPB90 Breaker - 90lb

RB90 & RB91 Rivet Busters

RD30 Rock Drill - 30lb

RD60 Rock Drill - 55lb

Kent Demolition Tool Parts

- Rockdrills, Chippers, Paving Breakers Rivet Busters and Backfill Tampers

17R, 18R, 19R 30lb Breaker

123R 60lb Paving Breaker

125R 90lb Paving Breaker

A-90 Rivet Buster (Disc)

K6R Tamper

K20R (35lb) Paving Breaker

K600 (6") Mini Rivet Buster

K800 (8") &  K1100 (11") Rivet Buster

KB-90 90lb Hammer (Disc)

KB-91 90lb Hammer (Disc)

KCB 2,3,4 Chipper

KFS-3 Floor Scraper

RD-7B Rock Drill (15lb)

RD-22D Rock Drill (45lb)

RD-112D 30lb Rock Drill (Before #510001)

RD-112D 30lb Rock Drill (After #510001)

RD-519 Rock Drill (50lb)

RD-75 Rock Drill (60lb)

SP-50 Sump Pump

Leroi-Schramm Parts

H11 & H111 Rock Drill (Disc)

D55 Schramm Rock Drill (Disc)

MacDonald Paving Breakers & Scabbler Parts

21S, 35lb Paving Breaker (Disc)

25S, 28S, 39S Paving Breakers (Disc)

DM 11S Clay Digger (Disc)

U Type Floor Scabblers

FB5 Floor Scabbler

Multiquip Air Tool Parts

MQB-160A & 160B Breaker 90lb (Disc)

MQB-190A & 190B Breaker 90lb (Disc)

MQS-155A & 155B Rock Drill 55 lb (Disc)



Sullair Pneumatic Construction Tools

- Paving Breakers, Chippers, Rockdrills and Air Tampers.

MCH 2,3,4 Chipping Hammer

MDT-22 Clay Digger

MDT-30 Rivet Buster

MPB-30 30lb Hammer

MPB-35B, C, D. 35lb Hammer

MPB-60A & MPB-90A Hammer

MPB-60 & MPB-90 Hammer (old style)

MRB-8 & 11 Rivet Buster

MRD-9 Small Rock Drill

MRD-30 Rock Drill

MRD-40, 50 Rock Drill

MRD-55 Rock Drill

SRD-50 Rock Drill (Disc)

Tamper MPT-6

Sullair Tool Safety Information


Sullivan-Palatek Parts

          SRB-8 and SRB-11 Rivet Busters


TC Service Co Parts

40GHLS Extended Die Grinder (1 hp)

56VL Vertical Grinder (3hp)

65VBW Air Saw (12" & 14")

66VL Vertical Grinder (4 hp)

Texas Pneumatic Construction Tool Parts

T-3 & S1 Piston Scaler 

TX-133R Rivet Buster

TX-0L, 1L, 2L, 3L Lubricators

TX2LRCS Long Reach Floor Scaler

TXCH3-4B 4 Bolt Chipping Hammer


Thor Power Tool Parts

6T Tamper  
14D, 15D Rockdrill
17 30lb Paving Breaker

18 Clay Digger - 30lb

125 Paving Breaker-90lb

125 Spike Driver- 90lb (Disc)

21 Paving Breaker (Disc)

234 Paving Breaker (Disc)

24 Paving Breaker-80lb (Disc)

25 Paving Breaker-90lb (Disc)

254 Paving Breaker-90lb (Disc)

38 Rockdrill - 45lb (Disc)
75 Rockdrill-55lb
338 and 375 Rock Drill

423 Paving Breaker (Disc)

U-3, U-5, U-7, U-11 Scabblers

Toku Rivet Busters, Chippers & Breaker Parts



A-90N & A90NB Rivet Buster (Outside Trigger)

A-90NI & A90NBI Rivet Buster (Inside Trigger)

RB-70 Rivet Buster (Outside Trigger)

RB-70D Rivet Buster (Inside Trigger)

RB-90 & RB-91 Rivet Buster (Outside Trigger)

RB-90D & RB-91D Buster (Inside Trigger)

RB-110 Rivet Buster (Outside Trigger)

RB-110D Rivet Buster (Inside Trigger)

RB-91HP Rivet Buster (Outside Trigger)

RB-91HPD Rivet Buster (Inside Trigger)

T6 Backfill Tamper

TCD-20 Clay Digger

TCH-2, 3 & 4.  4-Bolt Chipping Hammers

THA-1, 2, 3, 4 Chipping Hammer (15lb)

THD-1100N Rock Drill - 15lb

THD-1100U Rock Drill - 15lb

THH-1, 2, 3, 4, Chipping Hammers (15lb)

THH-6, 7, 8, 9-  4 Bolt Chipping Hammers (15lb)

THH-800 Rockdrill (8lb)

TPB-30, TCD-30, TRC-30 - 30lb Breakers

TPB-40 Paving Breaker - 40lb

TPB-60 Paving Breaker - 60lb

TPB-90 Paving Breaker - 90lb

TJ-15 Rock Drill - 30lb

TJ-20 Rock Drill - 40lb

TS-55 Rock Drill - 55lb

Toyo Rockdrills & Breaker Parts

TY-24C Rock Drill (Disc)

TY-76 Rock Drill (Disc)

TYB-30 Digger-30lb (Disc)

TYB60 Breaker-60lb (Disc)

TYB80 Breaker-90lb (Disc)

CLD-260 Feed Leg Drill

Worthington Parts

WB-82 90lb Breaker (Disc)


 (Disc)=Discontinued tool with some or all parts still available


  Rivet Buster Accessories

  Fittings and Hose Whips







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